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The individual and schools team lists for SA Champs 2022 is shared above.
Accompanying the team lists is the Gauten North SA Champs Letter which contains all of the information our athletes will need to answer questions about the 2022 SA Biathlon Champs.

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The purpose of this athlete provincial ranking document is for athletes, coaches and parents to be able to determine which athletes qualify to represent Gauteng North and compete at the 2022 National Biathlon Championships due to take place in Port Elizabeth over the 1st and 2nd of April 2022.

Please use this document to start planning if you or your athlete intends on competing at Biathlon SA Champs 2022

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This flyer is intended for use by schools, sports clubs and individuals who wish to share the details of this great sport on their platforms. You have our full permission to spread the word! And we would really appreciate if you do share!