Biathlon is a dual-sport which originated from Modern Pentathlon in the mid-seventies. Biathlon consists of the Running and Swimming disciplines.
It is a points based sport by which athletes are given a set target time per age group for the run and swim events individually.
Age groups start at age 7 and go up to 70+.

The format of Biathlon is run and then swim with rest inbetween the two disciplines (i.e. it is not continuous). Running heats for all age groups are completed first before moving over to the swimming pool to complete the swimming heats. All heats are finals.

Points are given or subtracted from each athlete based on their performance in relation to the set targets for each discipline. The athlete’s ideal aim is to accumulate as many points as possible by achieving the set target time (or better) for both the run and swim. The best runners are not usually the best swimmers and vice versa – so in this sport, balance between the two disciplines is key.

At the end of the competition, the athletes’ results for each discipline are converted and added up into scores according to the Points Calculation Table in order to determine their final score and placement.

Gauteng North Biathlon is a member of the SA Biathlon Association which hosts a National Championship every year – much like most sport disciplines do.

Age Groups, Distances and Points calculation table – click here to view.

National Biathlon Schools Competition guidelines and rules – click here to view.

Individual athletes that score above 2000 points may qualify to compete at National Championships.

You can also refer to the Biathlon Technical Rules document.

For years, biathlon has been a sport which encourages family participation over all age groups. Everyone is welcome to compete.

We encourage schools to enter and compete for the Schools Trophy at the National Championships once per year.

Please refer to the Events page to see the latest League, Inter-Provincial and National championship schedule. 

If you would like more information on how to compete, please see our Join Us page. It’s very simple.


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