Everyone, young and older, is welcome to compete – you do not need to belong to a club, team or school. Biathlon is South Africa’s favourite family sport which caters for ages 7 to 70+
Registration instructions have been slightly modified since last season (2022), so please pay attention to the registration steps outlined below for season 2023:


Step 1:

Enter an event.
Navigate to our Events page, choose an event and fill out the online entry form for your desired event.
Events page linked below:

Step 2 (Semi-optional):

Affiliate to Gauteng North Biathlon:
Fill and submit the Annual Athlete Affiliation form along with your proof of payment.

All athletes returning to Biathlon for the 2nd time or more in a season will have to affiliate to Gauteng North Biathlon.
If it is your 1st time at a Biathlon event for the season, you do not have to affiliate, however, there are benefits to affiliation:
Affiliation ensures that you are registered with SA Biathlon and allows you to represent your province at Inter-Provincial and National competitions.
Affiliating also means that you pay discounted entry fees for the Biathlon season.

Affiliation form linked below:

Step 3:

Arrive at your desired event and sign your name off on the attendance register.
Don’t forget your sports gear!


There is a Provincial and National Biathlon Schools competition every season.

Each season, Gauteng North’s top Biathlon Primary and High School will be chosen and given the opportunity to compete for the National Biathlon Schools Trophy at the South African Championships. More info here: Biathlon Schools

If a school is interested being part of the Provincial Schools Biathlon:

1. The school should contact Gauteng North Biathlon and indicate their interest to compete.

2. The school should provide a contact / representative in charge of coordinating the school team.

3. Schools that wish their athletes to compete and represent their school should ask their athletes to enter online. Remember to ensure that your athletes enter the school’s name and also state whether primary or high school.



When arriving at your desired event, remember to sign your name off on the attendance list.

Payment verification will be done on the day of the event, so remember to bring cash or send us your proof of payment for your entry and/or affiliation to our email address on the header of our website.


2022 FEES:

Non-affiliated Athletes: R50
Affiliated Athletes: R30
Season Affiliation Fee: R250
New season fees will be made available shortly before the new season starts
Note that athletes may only compete once as a visitor / non-affiliated athlete per season. Thereafter, they will have to affiliate with Gauteng North Biathlon.
Athletes will also need to affiliate if they are planning on competing at Biathlon SA Champs.

There is no fee for spectators.

Payment details are always shared on the online entry forms.



GNTK (or Gauteng Noord Moderne Tweekampvereeniging)   
ABSA:        Cheque Acc
Acc No:      540174458
Branch:      632005
Reference for Affiliations:  Your surname + AFF – (E.g. “Smith AFF”)
Reference for Entries:       Your surname + League number – (E.g. Smith L1)

Entry Fees and Affiliations may be combined in payments Please send proof of payments to our email address listed at the top of our website.